Glory Rail offers various types of crane rails which are specially designed for all kinds of cranes and transport equipment. Manufactured from high-quality steel, our crane rails feature high strength, high durability, and corrosion resistance to meet a variety of industrial application needs.

In addition to standard track sizes, we also provide custom-made crane tracks to ensure that our products meet customers’ specific needs.

Crane rails supplied by Glory Rail undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure they comply with international standards and customer requirements. The professional sales team can provide technical support and solutions to ensure that customers get the best crane track products and services.

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Glory Rail™ started with square steel bars and flat steel bar production as crane rail for the crane industry. Now Glory Rail has developed to be a leading and integrated steel crane rail supplier. We not only offer rails for the crane industry, but also provide various steel rails for the mining industry, railway transportation, steel industry, power plant, port, and metallurgy industry with strong R&D strength and reliable quality assurance capabilities. In order to provide diversified products for rail customers to meet the needs of different customers, Glory Rail actively negotiates cooperation with major steel rail mills and becomes a large agent of major steel rail mills in China, like Bao Steel, Yongyang Steel, Pan Steel, Anshan Steel, etc. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions for the whole rail system.




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As a well-known crane rail supplier in China, GloryRail has been deeply researching crane rail systems for many years, providing a full range of supporting products and technical support for crane rail systems. Crane rail systems are an important part of industrial automation. In factory workshops, three-dimensional warehouses, mineral development, Port construction, and other fields widely exist. The purpose of GloryRail is to create a one-stop procurement store for crane rail systems, providing rail materials, rail accessories, rail equipment, and rail installation technical services.