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3220 rail clips

3220 rail clips

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Product Introduction of the 3220/17/38 Crane Rail Clips

Glory Rail 3220 rail clips are double bolted rail clips with a self-locking function, It is designed to fix heavy rails in the most arduous applications. horizontal lateral force can withstand rail 150 KN (15.2 tonnes). 3220/17/38 crane rail clip is made of a special washer, forged steel clamp, and special rubber pressure tongue. Low installation height can meet with a horizontal guide wheel crane.

Product Parameter(Specification)of the 3220/17/38 Crane Rail Clips

  Product Type Application Rubber Tongue Size Weight
Horizontal Distance
Crane Rail Clips 3220/17/38 With rubber pad Depth 14mm 1.5kg 17mm
Crane Rail Clips 3220/17/38 Without rubber pad Depth 21mm 1.51kg 17mm

Product Feature And Application of the 3220/17/38 Crane Rail Clips

The feature of Glory Rail 3220/17/38 crane rail clamp is that it can be adjusted horizontally, which facilitates the straightening of the laying track and reduces the lateral wear of the bottom during installation. At the same time, the rail clamp with a self-locking function can prevent loosening during use. The 3220/17/38 crane rail clip has a mature design and has been widely used in the rail systems of major wharves, shipyards, steel mills, and warehouses in the world.

There are two types of bolt-type rail clamps, single-bolt and double-bolt, and a variety of sizes to meet different track systems. In addition to the different dimensions and specifications of the rail clamp itself, the installation environment and installation method will affect the final use effect. If you want to know more, please contact us.