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9120 rail clips

9120 rail clips

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9120 Crane Rail clips Product Introduction

Glory Rail 9120 crane rail clips are single bolt, flexible self-locking clamp assembly. The rail clip is made of Q235 or Q345 steel hot forged. The special vulcanized rubber pressing tongue, M20 8.8 high-strength bolts, and the horizontal adjustable distance of the track are 15mm so that the clamp can withstand the horizontal lateral force of the rail of 120KN (12.2 tons). The clip is easy to install. It only needs to be welded on the steel plate base supporting the guide rail, and then the upper clip is locked with the welding base with 8.8 bolts to complete the installation.

Product features and application of 9120 crane rail clips

Gloryrail 9120 rail clamps are based on higher load-bearing capacity and stability and are widely used in port machinery rails, steel structure factory beam rails. With the corresponding track rubber pads, the seismic cushioning effect is better and the track system life is longer.
The proven design has been used successfully for many years throughout the world.
• The clip is welded to the rail support. No access is required from below.
• The two main parts are locked together on tightening the grade 8.8 hexagon-headed bolt.
• The clip has a self-tightening mechanism.
• A special vulcanized rubber block applies