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P43 rail joint bar
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P43 rail joint bar

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Product Introduction of the P43 rail joint bar

Rail joint bar is also named fishplate. It is the connection between rails. In order to ensure the continuous integrity of the track and the stability and safety of the train passing the track.

P43 rail is GB standard 43kg rail. It is a kind of heavy rail. which is wildly used in cranes. P43 rail joint bar is manufactured according to GB standard. It use 6 high-strength bolts to connect two tracks. Relying on the upper and lower shoulder slopes and rail fasteners. It can withstand complex stresses such as large loads and fretting wear during train operation.

Glory Rail supply all kinds of fishplates for more than 20 years. The rail joint bar is one of the main products of our company. We could supply various types of ordinary fishplates, insulated fishplates, drum fishplates, special-shaped fish plates, and cemented insulation. Fishplate. Our company can provide high-quality fishplate R&D and production services according to the following domestic and international standards.

Standards for assembly and maintenance of rail joints:
1: Check whether the bolts are installed and tightened to ensure that there are no scratches or cracks on the surface
2: Check that there are no cracks on the surface of the fishplate. The board has no pinholes with abrasion, corrosion, or wear less than 1mm.
3: When the bolt cannot be put on, use a hammer to hit both ends of the fishplate, align the eyes, and do not use a hammer to drive the screw in.
4: The contact part and bolts of the fish plate and the rail should be oiled; when the fishplate bolts are worn, the positions of the bolt caps must be staggered inside and outside.
5: The order of bolting, using a four-hole fishplate, first tighten the middle two, then tighten the two sides Save , and then tighten the middle again
6: When screwing the bolts, one person should use a 55cm screw wrench as the standard, and can’t use a too-long screw wrench or two people to screw it.