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Rail Clips

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Rail clips are also called rail fixing clips. They are clamping devices used to fix tracks and foundation platforms. There are several problems with the installation of crane rails. One is that the installation position is relatively accurate, and it needs to be installed on the steel backing plate or I-beam. Therefore, the installation accuracy of the rail clamp is required. In addition, because the shape of different rails is different, the rail clamp is different. The size requirements are also different, and it is easy to vibrate and loosen after the track is running for a long time. The rail clamp we provide can not only be adjusted horizontally, which is convenient for installation. At the same time, the flexible rubber strip and our rubber pad can effectively adjust the control track Vibration greatly improves the service life and safety of the track.

Glory Rail could supply bolted rail fixing clips and welded rail fixing clips for crane rails. The quality of the rail clips determines the stability and service life of the crane rail system. Providing high-quality rail clamps is one of GloryRail’s main businesses. We choose high-quality steel raw materials, continuously improve the production process, and improve the design and performance of the rail clip.

bolted crane rail clips

|Bloted rail clip

Bolted rail clips have a simple structure, no welding process, and easy and convenient installation. The overall use cost is low. Using 8.8-grade high-strength bolts, it is suitable for light to medium load track applications.

welded crane rail clips

|Welded rail clip

The welded rail clip is composed of upper and lower parts, and the base is welded on the rail steel plates. the upper part is fixed to the lower part by means of captive bolts. The self-locking wedge design of the clips keeps the clip bolts in tension. It has a high load-carrying capacity. Suitable for heavy-duty industries.