steel rail

|Steel Rail

Steel Rail is also called rail track, railroad rail.  It is a kind of rail profile, used to lay and carry trains and machines, guide wheels to slide and withstand the huge stress on wheels. At present, most rails are hot-rolled sections similar to the I-beam interface, which are composed of three parts: the head, the waist, and the bottom of the rail. The interface parameters of the track are mainly composed of head width, waist thickness, bottom width, and height.
GloryRail has very rich experience in rail products. We supply rail products to many countries around the world, including the United States, Colombia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and many countries in the Middle East.
Our steel rail products mainly come from several top steel mills in China, and the quality of the products is very reliable and guaranteed. At the same time, our processing factory can provide a variety of customized processing services, including cutting, drilling, special-shaped processing, etc.

|Flat bar rail

Sometimes, the crane will use a rectangular cross-section profile as the track. We call it flat bar rails. This type of steel rail is usually used for beam cranes. This kind of track is low in cost and easy to install. It can also strengthen the structural strength while making the track.

Glory Rail is a professional flat bar crane rail manufacturer. We produce square steel crane rail and flat steel crane rail. Our main sizes include 30x40mm, 30x50mm, 40x60mm, 40x70mm, 60x80mm, 80x80mm, 100x100mm, ejects cooperate with many foreign Governments or Leading enterprises.

Size Height(mm)
40x30mm 30 40 9.42
50x30mm 30 50 11.775
60x40mm 40 60 18.84
65x40mm 40 65 20.41
70x40mm 40 70 21.98
75x40mm 40 75 23.55
80x60mm 60 80 37.68
90x40mm 40 90 28.26
100x60mm 60 100 47.1