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Rail Joints are also called railway fish plates or joint bars. It is a connecting fastener used for the connection between the track and the track. The rails are connected by fishplates and other connecting parts. The working status and safety performance of the fishplates also directly affect the running status and safety of the line. Quality rail joint bars can largely reduce the impact of wheels on the jointing sections of the rail tracks, and increase the continuity and steadiness of the train when passing through the jointing sections. These rail components are a guarantee to railroad transportation safety no matter whether it’s light or heavy.
Glory Rail supplies rail joints for light rails, heavy rails, and crane rails.
In addition to providing fishplates for standard rails, we can also process and customize special fishplates according to customer drawings. At the same time, we can carry out surface treatments for fishplates according to customer needs, including blackening, galvanizing, etc.